Salt of the Earth zine

Collaborative zine project launched to raise funds for Trussell Trust food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020 an open call was put out across social media asking for artistic and written submissions based around the theme of "food and care" - four days later I had a 24-page zine full of work from 15 contributors, including low-cost recipes, poetry and prose, illustration and design. 

The second volume of SALT OF THE EARTH was released a month later, with 14 new contributions. So far, the small project has raised over £110 from zine sales. 

The zines have been purchased and archived by the Wellcome Collection and are viewable in the Wellcome Library.


Contributors so far include: 

Molly Allessandra, CHEWn! Zine, Bethany Hearne, Dan Farr, Yvonne Temple, Ingrid Zijlema, Maria Moore, Lucy Dearlove, Rachael Clear, Katie Glanfield, Aike Matilde, Maddy Howard, Leonie Bellini, Emma Nay, Beatrice Mossman, Isabella Cuan, Holly Bazley, Amelia Temple, Amrit Randhawa, Han Trim, Okocha Obasi, Katie Alona, Praewa Bulthaweenan and Rachael Abbott.